Update: This case received Final Approval from the  Court, and checks were mailed to the class on March 5th, 2021. If you did not receive a check, please call 1-866-571-7808 to make sure we have your most recent address on file. We can reissue your check if you have moved.

If you trained to become and/or worked as a sales agent in California for American Income Life Insurance Company (“AIL”) at any time between September 12, 2014 and August 16, 2019, a class action lawsuit may affect your rights, and you may be eligible to receive a Settlement Check in the mail.

• Former sales agent trainees and sales agents have sued AIL, alleging that AIL violated certain provisions of the California Labor Code.

• The case was brought as a class action on behalf of all individuals who trained to become and/or worked as sales agents for AIL in California since September 12, 2014 and whose training and/or work began before August 16, 2019.

• The Court has not decided whether AIL did anything wrong.

• You may have received a prior notice relating to this same case. The Court did not approve the prior allocation of payments in that previous Settlement, and so no Settlement Checks were sent. This Notice concerns a new proposed Settlement in this case, which the Court has preliminarily approved. Your options related to this new proposed Settlement are outlined below.


You May: 


Do Nothing

If you do nothing and the Court approves the Settlement, a Settlement Check will be mailed to the address to which a Notice was sent.

If your address has changed, you should follow the directions in FAQ 9 to provide an updated address so that you can receive a Settlement Check.

All Class Members who do not exclude themselves (or "opt out") will receive a Settlement Check. There is no need to file anything in order to receive a Settlement Check.

Exclude Yourself ("Opt Out")

If you opt out of the lawsuit, you will not be mailed a Settlement Check. But you will keep your right to sue on your own regarding any claims that are part of the Settlement. Go to FAQ 12 for directions on how to opt out.
Object  Any person who does not opt out may object to the Settlement. If you think the Settlement is unfair, you may submit a letter stating why you do not like the Settlement. Go to FAQ 14 for directions on how to object.
Speak at the Final Approval Hearing Class Members may be permitted to appear and speak to the Court. Go to FAQ 16 for directions on how to appear and to FAQ 14 for how to object.

The deadline for making this decision is: November 3, 2020 AIL will not retaliate against you for participating in this Settlement.